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Vinie Graffiti France

Vinie Graffiti – Funky Hair Spray

Every once in a while I notice something new that stands out from the noise. One of these artists is a female writer called, Vinie (Vinie Graffiti) from Montreuil-sous-Bois,near Paris, France. Vinie’s trademark character is an elegant black lady with sexy eyes and BIG afro hair often styled from different colored graffiti bubble tags. Vinie Graffiti’s art rocks -see more at / (video) The Bordeaux 2012 Graffiti Jam where many French artists, including Vinie painted Monsters in the sun.

Vinie Graffiti paris

Vinie Graffiti France

Vinie Graffiti

Vinie Graffiti and Rea

Colab with Rea

Vinie Graffiti Hair

Vinie Graffiti in Progress

Vinie Graffiti Bush

Vinie Graffiti /  Vinie Graffiti on Facebook

6 Comments for : Vinie Graffiti – Funky Hair Spray
    • deidree
    • 31/12/2013

    Just wanna tell you that the lady created is the woman in my head & I really appreciate your art, it made me find myself and peace, you are amazing..

    • sheila
    • 14/01/2014

    its simply beautiful

    • Marty
    • 18/05/2014

    I love your art work.
    I would like a chance to speak with you.
    I own a digital printing company up in Canada.
    Would love to be able to print your image on a t shirt.

    • Mose
    • 12/09/2014

    I would like to purchase a copy of your work, how can I?

  1. this is the bomb! I want to do graffiti and tattoos. This is so inspirational.

    • Barry
    • 10/11/2015

    hello i am doing a class project and it is building a website for class and i just wanted to ask permission to display your work

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