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Renaud Suire Lightpainting telephones

Urban Lightpainting – Renaud Suire

(Video – Return of the Saint -TV series-1978)

Renaud Suire Lightpainting steps

Renaud Suire Lightpainting Graffiti

Renaud Suire is an interdependent Light painter / photographer from Paris who’s work takes him out on to the streets at night creating light men caught by long exposure  When I first saw these photos it immediately reminded me of ‘The Return of the Saint’ which I used to watch as a child – so I have added the video for good measure.


Renaud Suire Lightpainting Electric

Renaud has taken his light-painting photography across the world to places like China, eastern Europe and Canada. For anyone near Paris he will be exhibiting at “la Bellevilloise” affoirdable art fair the 1-3 of February ’2013 . See More Photos on  acebook - Renaud Suire Lightpainting

Renaud Suire Light-painting

Renaud Suire Lightpainting

Renaud Suire Lightpainting telephones

All Photos  © Renaud Suire Lightpainting / Reproduced with his permission

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