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Leonard De Weird -Weird Crew Graffiti

THE WEIRD SUPPER by Leonardo da Weird.

Rookie - The Weird Crew Graffiti

The full 10 members of ‘The Weird crew’ (Rookie, Dxtr, Nychos, Low Bros, Frau Isa, Look, Cone, Vidam, Herr von Bias) were invited to take part at the 10th anniversary of 4560 Urban Art Meeting, Saarbrücken. It is not often that they all get a chance to paint a wall with all ten members so this time they decided to create something ‘huge’ – “Leonardo da Weird”.

Leonard De Weird -Weird Crew Graffiti

Nychos the Weird

Dxtr the Weird - The Weird Crew GraffitiMore photos  - all copyright funkjunge / Check the Weird Crew on Facebook 

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