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SeeNoEvil Body painting

See No Body Paint !!!!

Last weekend ISTHISTHEFUTURE and ILOVEBODYART Invited Body Painters Mr Shiz and Katie Bray down the the Lanes Bowling alley in Bristol to spread a bit of body paint love amongst the SeeNoEvil party crowd. As you can See from the photos below Mr Shiz painted a great portrait piece on Dionne who was representing the BassHoneys dance troupe from Bristol and Katie Bray turned Laurel from the BassHoneys in to a pink Leopard.

Shiz Dionne body paint

Dionne Bus stop body paint

It was nice that a few other people got involved both as painters and models. A bit shout goes out to Mark Bode from San Francisco (below) who was happy to pen some of his trademark illustrations on some of the models….

Mark Bode bodypainting

A big thanks to all the Models and Artists who got involved !!!!

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