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REPLETE graffiti illusion

Replete ! Anamorphic fusion illusion !

Replete, graffiti artist from Leeds West Yorkshire UK who has been creating some very interesting ‘fusion illusions’ combining anamorphic optical illusion floor graffiti cling film installations. This new graffiti illusion of an F15 jet fighter made of folded $20 bills was painted in a derlict printworks in Leeds UK upon several layers of clingfilm spread 20 feet apart. The bombs below are painted anamorphically on the floor inbetween. A worlds first combining these techniques.

REPLETE graffiti illusion

Here are a couple more stunning flotation pieces utilising multi-layered cling film to give this real dimension.. You can see more photos from Replete over on his website on on his facebook page 

floatation point -replete

hand R crop replete

Thank you to Replete for letting us feature his images - All images are the Copyright of Replete and may not be used, replicated or altered in any way without written permission from the artist.

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