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Mannequin Graffiti Vertigo Graffiti Colombia

Mannequin Graffiti – Vertigo – Colombia

Colombia has a wealth of innovative graffiti artists. Vertigo Graffiti have been a crew since 2008 brought together nine of the top graffiti artists of Colombia – in terms of experience, street work, style and personality – to develop national graffiti art through collaboration and combination of styles. The following collection of photos by Nico F takes a simple concept of painting / tagging a mannequin and then positioning the mannequin in some local urban surroundings for some great photos.

Mannequin Graffiti

Mannequin Vertigo Graffiti Colombia

Vertigo Graffiti Mannequin Colombia

Mannequin Graffiti Vertigo

 Maniquí Graffiti Vertigo Colombia

Photos Nico F c/o     Vertigo on facebook

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