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Graffiti Legs -G-Kill -Barb Wire

G-Kill – Graffiti Leggings !!


G-Kill new

French Graffiti  Body Artist G-Kill ‘Kills it’ with these amazing Graffiti legging design where the paint has literally been tied on to the models legs !!! Shear creative Brilliance.

No wonder G-Kill holds the crown for winning the most previous SHRIIIMP Contests, he has over 650 images on SHRIIIMP and many more on his own websites / so go check em out .

Chupa Chup Graf Leggings

Graffiti Body paint Legs

Graffiti Legs -G-Kill - legs

Graffiti Legs -G-Kill

Graffiti Stockings

Body Art Graffiti Legs -G-Kill

G-Kill’s Body Art can be seen in both Holy Shriimp Vol1 and 2014 Graffiti on Girls Calendar (see below)

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    V. Good work, well done

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