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Futura 2000 Vs Hennessy Cognac


New York Graffiti pioneer Futura (2000) was recently invited by Hennessy, the world-leading cognac distillery to create a limited edition of their VS Bottle! Prior to starting the task he visited Hennessy’s headquarters in Cognac, France to see a glimpse of the process and procedures and learn of the history behind the world famous brand.


The bottle features Futura’s signature ‘helix’ visuals in bright colorways on the front of the bottle and on the cap very and a limited number of bottles will be available in some select Hennessy / liquor shops in coming months.

FUTURA HennessyCognac--Bottle

As ISTHISTHEFUTURE does not promote/encourage the consumption of alcohol our advice is that if you do manage to get your hands on a bottle – lock it away somewhere for this WILL be a collectors item worth MUCH more unopened !!!!

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