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Gemma Obrien write body font

For the Love of Type – Write Here !!!

Back in 2008 Gemma O’Brien aka Mrs Eaves had worldwide Internet exposure with her video ‘Write here, right now’ featured below.

The video took 8 hours to complete with 5 permanent markers and was part of a campaign to promote writing on designated graffiti spaces rather than someone elses property. Following the video Gemma was invited by FontShop to the 14th European Design Conference TYPO Berlin 2009 where the main feature video (top) was recorded. ISTHISTHEFUTURE wasn’t around then so we’ve decided to feature this now – cos it’s Hot !!! Enjoy !!!

Gemma Obrien write body font

Gemma Obrien write here write now

Gemma O Brien writes

For the Love of Type- Gemma OBrien

Gemma Obrien write body font

  Check Gemma’s Blog for what shes up to now ->

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