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Not much to say really.. 27 years ago I was a bit of a spray can addict and i guess the aerosol addiction has stayed with me.

Although I personally don’t paint anymore I started this site back in 2011 to document some of the ground Breakin Urban Art that’s being created all over the world.

I’m fortunate enough to have grown up in Bristol, UK, a small city of 700,000 which is renowned as the home of the UK Graffiti movement and also being the birth place of many of the UK’s foremost Urban musicians. So some of the photos you see on here have been taken here in Bristol, but other ‘Art Funk’ is from much further afield. I’m always keen to feature new material to the blog. Feel free to submit photos etc

Oh I’m often asked why is the site called ‘Is This the Future’ ? – This is why,  a song by Fatback that I first heard when I was 14 years old and never grow tired of listening to. Although 30 years old the lyrics still resonate with 21st century life and struggles faced by many.

Funk up your Future !

PeAce & Gold Bless, Chris (Owner – IS THIS THE FUTURE)

“We can put a man up in space, But on earth it’s just a rat race.
Is this the future?
We got people workin’ 9 to 5, While over 10 percent are trying to stay alive.
Is this the future?
Crime is up, education is down , But the Dow Jones is on the rebound.
Is this the future?
Ronald Reagan says stay the course, But only a fool would wanna endorse.
This kind of future.
Everyday as I go my way I can hear the people as they say,
“Hey brother can you spare a dime, I don’ wanna end up doin’ time.”
But they say it’s just a sign of the future.
Found a car I thought I’d buy but the interest rates were just too high. Is this the future?
Worked years perfecting my craft, Now my boss is giving me the shaft.
Is this the future?
Used to eat steaks and caviar, Now it’s peanut butter in a candy bar.
Is this the future?
All my money is nearly spent, Don’t have enough to pay the rent.
You can cancel the future.
Can it be? Are you tellin’ me , This is the future?”


Lyrics Fatback – 1983 Mastered By – Herb Powers* / Producer – Bill Curtis, Gerry Thomas / Written-By – Gerry Thomas

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