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Olympic graffiti Ronald McDonald

2012 Olympics – Let the ‘Graffiti’ games begin

With just 21 days to go til the start of the 2012 London Olympics and all the controversy with the official clampdown on unofficial use of the Olympic logo/ rings we’ve decided to have a little trawl through the internet to bring you a selection of ‘sporting’ Olympic Graffiti and Street art images from artists with different perspectives on the ‘biggest show on earth.  


Video & Image by CodeFC – Cyclist (check his vimeo for more olympic art)

olympic-rings-streetart-The Toasters

 Olympic Rings – The Toaster Crew - Shoreditch

I'm loving it olympic graffiti Brighton

I’m loving it – Artist not known, Brighton (photo by Pogorita)

Banksy high jump olympics

 ’High Jump’ – Banksy   c/o

olympics-graffiti-Crimial chalkist-bristol

’100 meter Dash’ – by Criminal Chalkist - Stokes croft Bristol 2011

Olympic pigeon graffiti street art

Olympic pigeon -Ronzo Fu (Photo by surreyblonde)

Illuminati london Olympics Graffiti

Illuminati Olympic- Mr Moustache - (photo by Maggie Jones)

Olympic graffiti Ronald McDonald

Olympic Corporate takeaway ! by Mau Mau  (since removed)

Olympic graffiti Toilet dive

Olympic Toilet dive graffiti (photo by Tim Callaghan )

CodeFC Olympic street art

Olympic Mural by CodeFC

Teddy-Baden Olympic street art Mandeville

Mandeville by Teddy-Baden

Olympic Street Art Concept by AndyMercer

Olympic Street Art Concept by AndyMercer 

Street art david walker codefc

David Walker / CodeFC

Bansky nuclear Javelin olympics

 ’Javelin missle’  c/o

As for us, we’re ready … if only for the hope of seeing the Australian beach volleyball team in body paint ! :-)

10 Comments for : 2012 Olympics – Let the ‘Graffiti’ games begin
  1. Thanks Graffiti S.W.A.T.

    • Aaron J. How
    • 18/07/2012

    People are waking up! Thank you to all involved on this website!!

    • Nathan How
    • 18/07/2012

    Well Done!

  2. Graffiti Olympic Games… A street art inglesa mostra o seu lado olímpico.

  3. Reply

    Let the games begin….irreverant olympic art from british street artists….

    • Alex Haney
    • 24/07/2012

    awesome works

    • Nims
    • 25/07/2012

    I love that people care enough when the media is always saying that the younger generation are apathetic and listless and uneduacted. The writing on the wall says different!

    • ILi Medina
    • 27/07/2012

    Banksy el mejor! <3

    • Reply

      tengo un libro buenisimo de el te lo voy a pasar cuando este en la univ =)

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